Selected Projects


Since 2010, we have supported a long-standing strategic transformation project for the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF). This is sponsored by a range of donors, most notably the UK Government but also the US, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Through support to the LAF, this project has re-established the authority of the Lebanese state along the Lebanon-Syria land border, mitigated negative spillover from the Syrian conflict, and strengthened the LAF’s internal security capacity.

We have achieved this result through long-term strategic engagement and embedding expert trainer mentors within the LAF who have trained more than 13,500 LAF soldiers in urban and rural operations. We also have worked closely with the LAF on a variety of policy innovations, such as the establishment of all-female units who have been able to enhance community interaction. Our programme work also has included the construction of more than 70 specially designed border infrastructure posts that have had a significant strategic impact in protecting Lebanon.


From 2016 through 2018, we provided support to a UK-funded programme in Jordan through which we trained and equipped more than 1,200 security force members, educated 200 combat medics, constructed field hospitals, and trained 30 counter-IED specialists. Through our project work we helped the Jordanian government reduce human trafficking, drug smuggling, and terrorist activity.

Middle East/North Africa

We advise a European Commission-funded counterterrorism (CT) capacity building project in the Middle East and North Africa. This included creating a comprehensive baseline study on the terrorist threat in the region and the CT capacity of ten MENA countries. In order to do this, we developed bespoke CT capacity ‘metrics’ that assessed the overall strategic CT context; the capacity of the countries’ judiciaries, intelligence apparatuses, and law enforcement in the CT field; and the extent of coordination between them.

Additionally, we developed the project’s logical framework matrix; a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) strategy; a risk matrix; and a menu of activities the project could implement in the future. This helped the project team gain a strategic overview of their activities and enabled them to measure their impact in CT capacity building and design relevant future activities.


We are working with the British Peace Support Team in Uganda to deliver training for staff officers in operationally focused military units and formations. This includes staff mentor and staff officer training, as well as a 'train the trainer' programme. The training combines classroom learning with practical guidance and advice so that the recipients are able to carry out their operational roles. 

Our Clients

  • UK Government Conflict, Stability, and Security Fund (CSSF)
  • US Defence Threat Reduction Agency
  • Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • Federal Republic of Germany
  • Government of Canada
  • European Commission

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