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Burnham Global enables states and multilateral organisations to address a complex array of security challenges including armed insurgency, terrorism, organised crime, and irregular migration by improving their internal security capabilities. We do this primarily by training and mentoring militaries, police forces, intelligence services, and other government departments with security mandates. We also provide diagnostic assistance to help governments develop strategies for security mitigation; manage large-scale projects; and evaluate their efficacy. Burnham Global works on projects funded by donors, local governments, and foundations, working as either a prime or sub-contractor, depending on mission needs.

Burnham Global is committed to providing training and mentoring that has an impact on the recipient, and we hold our trainers – all of whom are military veterans with extensive operational experience, primarily from the UK – to the highest performance and ethical standards. We ensure that all of the training we conduct includes a strong emphasis on respect for human rights and gender sensitivity; is undertaken only after robust conflict analysis; and is conducted according to pertinent international laws and norms.

Burnham Global also provides a range of investigative services to both public and private sector actors, with a specific focus on Africa. 

What we do

Focus Areas

Intelligent borders

International borders are increasingly a conflict flash point between state and non-state actors, particularly in Africa and the Middle East. At Burnham Global, we have long-standing experience helping governments design bespoke solutions to secure their borders, as well as train soldiers and police to manage and monitor them. Our concept of ‘intelligent borders’ reflects the reality that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to border security; rather, governments must carefully understand such factors as topography, traditional population flows, and the capabilities of those posing threats.

Counterterrorism and counter-insurgency

Burnham Global offers support for security forces struggling to deal with terrorism and insurgency, offering strategic and tactical solutions. This includes leveraging our international intelligence network to provide tailored research and analysis, specialised training, and strategic advice.

Human trafficking and smuggling

Organised trafficking of migrants is one of today’s most pressing international security challenges, affecting home and target countries, as well as transit states. Through our intelligent borders approach as well as more tailored solutions, Burnham Global helps clients to better understand migrant flows, identify key actors involved in smuggling and trafficking, train security forces on how to deal with the issue (including the rights of migrants), and work with governments on policy solutions.

Medical capabilities building

Militaries and other security forces must ensure that they can properly treat casualties, both combatant and civilian, in order to be effective on the battlefield. To this end, Burnham Global has developed several programmes related to security force medical capability training. These range from basic medical training for soldiers to far more specialised training for military medics and doctors, such as the operation of field hospitals and development of casualty evacuation plans. Our project work utilises leading British medical experts with battlefield experience to impart their expertise to students of varying backgrounds and levels of education.

Analysis and collection capacity building

All operations are doomed to failure without the proper collection and analysis of intelligence from the field. Burnham Global applies a robust methodology derived from Western intelligence services to help security services build a reliable intelligence function from the ground up. Our experts can help services improve their collection and analytic capabilities from very basic to the most advanced techniques, depending on their needs. In addition, we utilise our internal experts and global network to provide strategic analysis on a range of global security challenges.

Investigations and due diligence

We have extensive experience conducting investigations for a variety of public and private sector clients, allowing them to make informed decisions about working with counterparties, deciding on investment opportunities, and avoiding risk. Our analyses integrate traditional due diligence alongside well-informed security and political analysis to provide our clients with a comprehensive investment picture. The main focus of our investigative work is across sub-Saharan Africa, where we bring to bear on-the-ground networks in nearly every country on the continent. 

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