Featured on Sky News - Lebanon’s borders

Much of our team's work around our decade-long engagement in Lebanon has focused on securing its borders through a multi-faceted approach.

This Sky News article with accompanying video highlights some of the key aspects of our work in Lebanon.

A defensive line of 76 watchtowers and patrol bases along Lebanon's border with Syria, which the UK's ambassador to the country, Chris Rampling says is “vital to prevent terrorists from reaching Europe.”

Our experience there has taught us the absolute necessity of developing close and continuing ties with the local security service to build trust and ensure receptiveness to training. The project so far has helped bring more than 75 percent of the Lebanese border under state control and threats from extremist groups significantly diminished. This has been achieved through aligning strategic, operational and tactical advice in a tailored training and equipment programme.

This has included more than 70 specially designed border infrastructure posts that have proven invaluable in protecting Lebanon.

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